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How Many Brazil Nuts Should You Eat In A Day?

Brazil Nuts are one of the richest sources of Selenium; a mineral most people don’t get enough of. These nuts, apart from being highly nutritious, are also very delicious. Now, this factor can often lead to overeating, but as good as it may sound, overeating brazil nuts can have consequences. It’s critical to take note of how many brazil nuts you eat in a day.

Wait, What Are Brazil Nuts?

Brazil Nuts aren’t very common like Almonds or Peanuts & they’re also not very cheap. So it’s possible you may not have heard about them.

These aren’t nuts though. Brazil Nuts are the seeds of the nut that grows on the Brazil Nut Tree. These trees grow only in Amazon rainforests, in some specific locations in Bolivia, Brazil & Peru.

Because of this scarcity, Brazil Nuts are significantly costlier than other nuts.

Brazil Nuts are also known as pará nuts or cream nuts.

How Many Brazil Nuts Should You Eat in a Day?

Brazil Nuts are incredibly nutritious, filled with proteins, fats, fibers & several other minerals. But it’s most famous for just one mineral & that’s Selenium. Brazil Nuts are the best source of selenium & are so rich in it, 1-2 of these nuts can fulfill your recommended daily intake.

However, too much selenium isn’t good for us either. So it’s best to make sure we don’t go overboard & take note of how many brazil nuts we eat.

If we follow the experts, most of them suggest 1-2 Brazil Nuts per day. We recommend sticking to One.

Some websites may claim that eating more than 2 Brazil Nuts is safe & can boost nutrient absorption. Don’t listen to their claims unless research has proved it.

So, What Happens if You Eat More Than 2 Brazil Nuts a Day?

Well, You definitely wouldn’t want to overdo Brazil Nuts. These nuts contain so much selenium that eating a lot too many can lead to selenium poisoning.

Brazil Nuts also contain an excess of Barium & Thorium, overdosing on which can have severe consequences.

Interestingly, a 2012 study claimed that selenium-rich diet did not cause selenosis, but more research is needed on that.

What is The Best Time to Eat Brazil Nuts?

Just like most other nuts, it’s best to eat Brazil Nuts in the morning.

Your body processes the nutrients from your last meal while you’re asleep, which drains most of its nutrient supply. So, it’s best to provide your body with some nutrient-rich food in the morning.

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Health Risks of Brazil Nuts

We earlier discussed that eating too many Brazil Nuts can cause selenosis, or more commonly known as selenium toxicity.

According to the National Health Institute, Chronically high intakes of selenium, both in organic & inorganic form can lead to selenosis. Early symptoms can include garlic breath & high metallic taste in the mouth.

The most common clinical signs of selenosis are brittle hair & nails. Other symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, rashes, fatigue, mottled teeth & nervous system abnormalities.

After taking a look at these health risks, definitely advised taking note of how many brazil nuts you eat in a day.





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